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Event Planner Baltimore MD

Local resource for Event Planner in Baltimore. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to event planner, event planning, event organizer, event coordinator, as well as advice and content on event planning professional located near you.

Baltimore Yacht Charters Inc
(410) 837-9100
801 Lancaster St
Baltimore, MD
Babalu Grill
(410) 234-9898
34 Market Pl
Baltimore, MD
Emergency Fuel
(410) 468-0999
120 W Fayette St
Baltimore, MD
Fandango Productions Inc
(410) 539-7236
1050 S Paca St
Baltimore, MD
Cornerstone Productions
(410) 644-3632
1101 Pine Heights Ave
Baltimore, MD
Mlj Entertainment
(443) 919-3300
3330 Greenmount Ave
Baltimore, MD
Entertainment Consultants
(410) 547-1800
530 Light St
Baltimore, MD
A Bubble Event
(410) 566-4822
2533 Calverton Heights Ave
Baltimore, MD
O Go Sales Co Inc
(410) 866-4300
6401 Erdman Ave
Baltimore, MD
Simply Creation by Charmain
(443) 447-5891
2607 Halcyon Avenue
Baltimore, MD
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General Corporate And Company Tips


Corporate Events are interesting to plan (to say the least). The corporate events that I’ve planned have all had the same issue BUDGET. When you first met with your contact, please make them commit to a budget. Most clients try to stray away from this topic, however, you must make them settle on the most expensive amount they want to spend. Once you are able to nail down a budget, then you’ll have the ability to call on those vendors that will allow you to gain the most profit.

After your client has given you a budget, have them email you their needs and desires. I have found that you have less room for error when the client communicates to you what they want for their event. Many clients believe they have told you what they want for their event, and the day of, if you do not produce, they will blame you – this is why written communication is vital. You will eliminate confusion if you have their needs and desires written out prior to giving a proposal. Once you’ve analyzed what will work best for their event, found vendors (that will do a great job and render you the best profit) and given a proposal, you then want to execute your event. I cannot stress enough to have the best vendors possible. The better your vendors, the better you look.

Alicia Coulter
Cultivating Events

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General School Event Tips


Before planning any school event, one must obtain permission from school officials to not only host an event, but also to use school facilities.  For late-night event or field trips, one might also need to get parents' permission and ask for volunteers to chaparone.
Color Me Thrilled

Choose colors that complement the theme.  Use the color palatte to guide decision-making when it comes to the backdrop for photos, decorations,  and invitations.  Don't give partygoers a headache by choosing hard-to-find colors or colors that don't blend well together.  

Save the Date

Check the school calendar to make sure the event doesn't clash with other major happenings.  Then advertise in advance to assure the best turnout.  

Money Well-Spent

Be smart about budgetting the money allotted to party planning. Ask for donations from local businesses to save cash for extras that will enhance the party.  Fundraise with candy, T-shirt, or food sales.  

Keep it PG

Don't upset school officials, teachers, and parent by playing inappropriate music.  If a DJ is hired, give him or her clear guidelines on what music to play and what is considered appropriate. All activities should also be tasteful.  



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Planning a Corporate Function

When planning your corporate function, you must first figure out a budget then decide what is the main reason for the event.  Is it your annual conference? Is it a celebration for existing clients? Or are you trying to make an impression on potential clients? Once you have nailed down the reason for the event you need to then choose a theme.   For corporate functions this will run along ideas like a Dinner Party, a Luncheon, or a Brunch.  Once you have decided on that you then need to decide where you would like to have the event, a good choice would be at a hotel conference center.  If you have it at a nice hotel you can usually get catering and use of the conference room as a package deal.  If it is close to the airport it makes it very convenient for clients that are traveling.  Now its time to think about the other vendors you will need.  If you are not going to use an on site caterer then you will need to find a good caterer that can create a menu to your specifications. You may also want to consider an Event Planner, flowers (for centerpieces) a band or DJ, a motivational speaker, a photographer, Printing shop for programs/banners, etc.  Your choice for vendors will depend greatly on what type of event you are having.  If you are throwing a dinner party you may want to have dancing and champagne.  If you are having a luncheon/conference then you may want to have a motivational speaker, and a good caterer, etc.

Once you have chosen the vendors read over all the contracts carefully and make sure they all work with in your budget. After that start working on a time line for the events leading up to the main event and for the day of.  Once you have this time line finalized send copies of it to the appropriate vendors so they have an understanding of how things should flow.  Make sure that all the speakers and your management team also receive a copy of this time line, so that the event goes as ...

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